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Are there any important safety instructions I should be aware of before using the S’mores Maker?

Indeed there are:

  1. For use by adults and children under direct adult supervision.
  2. Use this product ONLY with cans of SternoS’mores Heatä?cooking fuel (included with kit and sold separately).
  3. Sterno S’MORES HEAT cooking fuel is FLAMMABLE and can cause burns. Use with caution.
  4. NEVER leave unattended when hot or in use.
  5. NEVER wear loose clothing or allow long hair to hang freely while lighting S’MORES HEAT.
  6. Keep hands and face away from roasting surface and flame when product in use.
  7. ALWAYS use this product on a level, stable and non-combustible surface.
  8. NEVER use this product near curtains, drapes, rugs or other items that could catch fire or combust.
  9. NEVER move this product while Sterno S’MORES HEAT cooking fuel is ignited.


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