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Emergency preparedness is a team activity

Emergency situations happen year-round, all across the country. Whether there is a storm, power outage, tornado, or any other natural disaster, make sure your family is prepared. With over 100 years of home and travel emergency energy experience, Sterno is prepared to ensure you are prepared for unexpected loss of light, heat or power.

Let Sterno be your light

Don't be left in the dark.

With safe and clean burning Sterno Emergency Candles, waiting out a storm does not have to be a long, inconvenient experience. Imagine spending quality time in the basement, circled around the light of a candle with those dearest to you, playing a board game, forgetting all the while that a storm is passing overhead.

Be Sterno Prepared.

For your own peace of mind, Sterno Products has a variety of products to make sure you aren’t caught off guard. Emergency Preparedness Kits will equip you with the means to comfortably weather any situation that might require temporary lighting, heating or cooking. Don’t let potential emergencies keep you up at night, trust Sterno to keep you prepared.

Let there be light, Sterno light

Earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes or floods can happen with little or no warning. Immediate assistance may not be available in the aftermath. Emergency preparedness is vital for the safety of your family. Let Sterno help provide the essential portable warming and lighting products that will see you through.

Elegant survival cooking.

Don't be part of the statistics. Be prepared. Sterno not only prepares you for emergencies, we help you make the best out of any situation. We offer a variety of elegant survival cooking solutions.

Let us give you a piece of mind.

Prepare for an emergency like you would prepare for tomorrow. Don't wait until it is too late to check our our line of emergency preparedness products. 

Our company is fueled by imagination and driven by shared values that form the core of our character and corporate practices.

Sterno Products, 1880 Compton Avenue, Ste. 101, Corona, CA 92881