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Fueled by imagination and driven by shared values

Sterno—The iconic brand behind the first Canned Heat in America

Sterno – About us

For more than a century the Sterno Products name has been synonymous with quality and performance in food heating and warming. Today Sterno delivers the most comprehensive line of portable warming, ambience, butane, and catering products to the hospitality and retail markets. We are committed to educating our end-user customers and distributor partners on safety, proper usage, environmental responsibility and product efficiency.

We provide tools that drive our customers to greater profitability. We share our customers’ commitment to the environment and continually strive to improve our manufacturing and marketing practices to reduce our impact on the earth. Our iron-clad commitment to excellence ensures perfect performance every time.

——   Sterno Core Values  ——

  • PASSION About what we do… who we are… what we make… and how we relate.
  • TRUST Earned through our promise to be truthful, reliable, consistent and responsive at every turn.
  • INNOVATION In product development, technology and style for the portable food heating and ambient lighting marketplace.
  • VALUE The real value of the products we sell – plus the added value of every enhancement we deliver.
  • SERVICE Backed by years of experience and extraordinary dedication –and commitment to excellence.
  • CONNECTION From all personal touchpoints to user-friendly website, informative videos, engaging Social Media sites and helpful apps.
In 1914, the maker of fine chafing dishes introduced Sterno Canned Heat improving the quality of entertaining forever.

For over 100 years, can after can, Sterno ensures food is hot, safe and delicious when it comes out of the kitchen.

Our company is fueled by imagination and driven by shared values that form the core of our character and corporate practices.

Sterno Products, 1880 Compton Avenue, Ste. 101, Corona, CA 92881